Efficient Convex PCA with applications to Wasserstein geodesic PCA and ranked data


Convex PCA, which was introduced by Bigot et al., is a dimension reduction methodology for data with values in a convex subset of a Hilbert space. This setting arises naturally in many applications, including distributional data in the Wasserstein space of an interval, and ranked compositional data under the Aitchison geometry. Our contribution in this paper is threefold. First, we present several new theoretical results including consistency as well as continuity and differentiability of the objective function in the finite dimensional case. Second, we develop a numerical implementation of finite dimensional convex PCA when the convex set is polyhedral, and show that this provides a natural approximation of Wasserstein geodesic PCA. Third, we illustrate our results with two financial applications, namely distributions of stock returns ranked by size and the capital distribution curve, both of which are of independent interest in stochastic portfolio theory.

Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell
Assistant Professor

My research interests include Mathematical Finance, Probability and Statistical Mechanics.